Cartersville Baptist Church 6

Cartersville Baptist Church 6
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Cartersville Baptist Church in Cartersville, Virginia was built circa 1906 and has gone through few alterations since that time. The major change was an addition at the rear added in the 1970s. The white structure with green trim is in Gothic-Revival style with numerous arched windows and a fascinating tower at the corner. The base of the square tower shows 4 rows of fish-scale shingling above which are 4 rows of plain board and above that 4 rows of diamond-shaped shingling (this same pattern appears in the front gable). The tower then slopes inward slightly to the belfry with louvers and ornamental woodwork. Four pinnacles mark the four corners of the belfry which then continues upward into a pyramidal structure topped with a weather-vane. For such a small community, Cartersville has more than its share of interesting structures—ecclesiastic, domestic and commercial. The church is listed as part of the Cartersville Historic District and is on the National Register of Historic Places, added June 10, 1993 with reference ID#93000505

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