Can I do this with bridesmaid dresses?

Question by Katie: Can I do this with bridesmaid dresses?
I am getting married in December of next year. We will have the ceremony in the church, and the reception afterwards in the church fellowship center. My mom and aunt think that since it is December, the bridesmaid dresses need to be floor-length. My fiance likes the dresses that are teacup length because they are more flattering and don’t make the girls look as stocky. Is it okay to have teacup-length dresses in a winter wedding?

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Answer by lovee, always. <3
of course 🙂

as long as your bridesmaids dont get cold ! that might be badd..

but people wear dresses that length all the time in the winter, as long as you dont stay outside too long they’ll be finee 🙂


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