Big Timber Church of God – Interior View

Big Timber Church of God – Interior View
Big church
Image by J. Stephen Conn
I have many wonderful memories visiting this church in the summer of 1964. I was the 19-year-old leader of a "Pioneers for Christ" team from Lee College, Cleveland, Tennessee, which spent the entire summer in Montana and a week at this church. Our team conducted a Vacation Bible School in the Big Timber church in the mornings, held youth revival services in the evenings, and spent the afternoons doing door-to-door evangelism in the community. On Saturday, our day off, I mounted a horse and helped one of the members of the church round up cattle on his ranch . On Sunday afternoon we attended the local rodeo. On a church picnic, I also climbed up to the snowline in the nearby Crazy Mountains, my first time to ever have my feet in the snow in July.

I visited Big Timber again in August, 2009, my first time back there in 45 years. The town hasn’t changed much since that time and the church still looks the same on the outside. Inside, the church has been completely remodeled, although the congregation is smaller now than it was then. The entire county (Sweet Grass) has a population of only about 3,600 people.

I have written about that summer in my book, Growing up Pentecostal:….

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