Berlin – Looking East from Funkturm (Postcard)

Berlin – Looking East from Funkturm (Postcard)
Church advertising
Image by roger4336
A postcard showing Berlin, looking east from the Funkturm. The view is almost identical to my photo, except that the colors are better.

The street running from lower left is Neue Kantstrasse. I stayed in a pension on an upper floor of the first building on the left side of Neue Kantstrasse beyond the green area. You can barely make out the tower of the Memorial Church near the end of Neue Kantstrasse.

The large green area is the Tiergarten park, where the zoo is located. The most prominent building at the right in the distance is probably the Berlin Hilton hotel. As in my photo, East Berlin is in the far distance with no landmarks visible.

Note the advertising signs on the apartment buildings in the foreground.

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