Any Good Speeches On The Importance of Prayer?

Question by sanju: Any Good Speeches On The Importance of Prayer?
I have to prepare a speech for Church, and i am looking for some ideas.

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Answer by מיכאל
Prayer means communication with God. Prayer will lead us into dependence upon
God. A person completely declared before God “I am nothing” and God is supreme.
And declare without God I am nothing. Prayer involves many aspects. Prayer
produces faith. A person with faith without prayer is like a skeleton less a body.
Prayer life will allows us to respond to the Cross of Calvary and the blood Jesus shed
for sinners. Prayer will lead us to confession. Prayer will lead us to conviction. Prayer
will lead us to conformation. Prayer leads us to declaration. Prayer will lead us to
make decisions of righteousness. Prayer will lead us to stand firm in Jesus. Prayer will
lead us to a victorious life.
Every person discovers that not living a victorious life is the great dissatisfaction in
his or her life. Because the Holy Spirit’s direction is different and self satisfaction
will never bring complete victory, only temporary pleasure. Self satisfactions will not
fulfil God’s plans in man’s life. Only God’s presence will fulfil God’s purpose in the
child of God’s life.

How do you create God’s presence in your life?

Only the prayer life will invite God’s presence and God’s presence will bring an
anointing. It is through knowing God in prayer that He is able to touch man’s
condition and give wonderful divine revelations.
Many of God’s servants are unfit for the Lord’s work because they don’t have prayer
life. Without prayer, God’s servant is like a ship without a sail, not knowing God’s
direction and therefore frustration and disappointment replace victory and confidence.
A mighty prayerful servant will not only be of use to God but will also know the
direction God is leading him..

What is your condition in your prayer life?

The Holy Spirit helps us in our daily problems and in our praying. For we don’t know
what we should pray for, nor how to pray as we should; but the Holy Spirit prays for
us with such feeling that it cannot be expressed in words (Rom. 8:26).
In life, the inner man and outer man work together, in other words, faith without
works is dead. Through prayer life the inner man will receive strength and get right
guidance to live a fulfilled life. Without constant prayer the outer man will not
strengthen and will become dissatisfied or frustrated. Prayer life is the right food for
inner man’s strength which guides the outer man. Romans 8:26 says the Holy Spirit
helps us our daily problems when we pray. All the time the inner man must be filled
with God’s presence. The problem is many servants of God never think about prayer
life and they give more preference for the outer man (self satisfaction). The outer man
likes self satisfaction, self desires, self pity, self exaltation, self glory and other things
pertaining to earthly desires.. Many called out servants of God build their ministry on
their own desires because of they do not understand the Holy Spirit’s purpose in
prayer. A prayer life will locked up with the Holy Spirit’s help. A prayer life will release
from every bondage and will give boldness to stand for the God’s purpose in your life.
Without prayer a man can preach with his mind and knowledge but the Holy Spirit is
not an active participant. Eventually his preaching looses its effectiveness because it
is not God directed. The Apostle Paul wanted to go into Asia to preach the gospel.
But it was through the leading of the Holy Spirit that God forbade him. We are
preaching, but is our preaching effective. It is only effective if we follow the lead of
God through prayer and meditation. God cannot use a man who will not pray in the
strong revival that is about to shake the earth.

Prayer life destroys imaginations, self-love, self knowledge and our own methods.
Prayer life allows us to function under God’s plans for our lives.
Without prayer we will not understand the move of God’s hand (1Kings 18:44).
Prayer will lead us everyday confession before God and clean the heart and prepare us
to see God (Mt.5:8). God can never be wrong in what He does and only seeking Him
in prayer are we able to understand His direction.

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