Animal X Classic Episode 3

1) Australia : RAINBOW SERPENT (DUR: 6’45) Deep sea documentary makers, Andrew and Liz Wight, experienced first hand the power of Aboriginal mythology on location of their first Quest documentary. The dynamic duo spied a snake just moments before submerging themselves in Australia’s largest underwater cave system. Aboriginal elders warned that the snake or rainbow serpent is an ominous sign and advised not to proceed with the dive. The couple ignored the advice, a flash flood ensued and the diving party were trapped in the cave for days – luckily no lives were lost. 2) Turkey : LAKE MONSTER (DUR: 8’00) Beneath the shining waters of Lake Van in Turkey, it’s said there lurks a huge and mysterious creature beyond the comprehension of science. Animal X travelled to the region to investigate reported sightings of Turkey’s very own Loch Ness Monster, a creature that may have even been sighted in centuries gone by and immortalised in stone on a local thousand year old church. We also look at amazing amateur footage, thought to be the Monster of Lake Van, which has not only locals, but the whole world talking. 3) India : KILLER WOLVES (DUR: 9’22) In Northern India, nightfall brings with it a certain terror. All ears are tuned for the sounds of hungry predators in search of young, vulnerable victims – a killer wolf pack that so far, has been blamed for attacking more than 70 children. Animal X travelled to the impoverished district of Rae Bareli in the state of Uttar Pradesh to

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