Anglican Church Schism – Will the Anglican Church Schism?

Anglican Church Schism – Will the Anglican Church Schism?

The Anglican church certainly has had its problems over the years, but will it really schism? Recent findings suggest that it may. Just recently Pope Benedict introduced new doctrine that made it much easier for members of the Anglican Church to join the Catholic Church.

The trouble within the Anglican Church comes from the fact that it has started allowing openly gay members of its church become priests. It has also allowed women to be priests, both of which the Catholic Church vigorously opposes (one wonders why…it is the 21st century).

Just last summer, members of the Episcopal Bishop’s Council voted to allow gay and lesbian priests to become members of the Anglican Church. These members have since been allows to join the Catholic Church without any extra work.

The question of whether gay people should be allowed to be Anglican priests is a matter of debate. For a long time, women have been allowed to. In the Catholic Church the debate still rages today, albeit behind closed doors. The Catholic Church does recognize women as saints, and so their being priests is not such a big jump. Unfortunately, many religious use their religion as an excuse to be intolerant towards others. The Bible actually does say “Stone those who sleep with a man as a man”. Now granted this does refer to the common ancient practice of winning armies sodomizing the losers, but many orthodox seem to be clinging to the belief. In the Catholic Church gay priests are still excommunicated, but the Church technically does not condemn gay people. Many priests have defended their pedophilic philandering, saying that they were doing it with little girls, which isn’t as bad (they say anyway).

Anyways, members of the church have become so distraught that many Reverends talk openly about an Anglican Church Schism. Says Reverend Rod Thomas, “A Schism is inevitable.”

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