Anchor Audio LDP-7500 Dual Liberty Platinum Deluxe Package

Anchor Audio LDP-7500 Dual Liberty Platinum Deluxe Package

  • Reach Crowds of 2,000.
  • AC Mode 125W DC Mode 100W.
  • Single or Dual Built-in UHF Wireless with 16 User Selectable Channels.
  • Built-In MP3 Player Accepts SD Card,USB Flash Drive or 3.5mm input for iPod.
  • USB Port for Charging MP3iPod.

Anchor Audio introduced the world to portable sound systems, and Liberty became the single word that defines the industry. The lightweight case is easy to carry and the rugged material protects the components that make the Liberty Platinum the new industry standard. The Liberty has an optional built-in MP3 or CD player and a USB port to charge your USB device. Two wireless microphone options operate in a UHF frequency range and 16 user-selectable channels offer great reception in your listening area. The Liberty is a big hit at any school function, outdoor PGA event, for a political rally or at military base ceremony. LIB-7500MU2 with choice of CD Player or MP3 2 wireless receivers, LIB-7501 companion speaker, SC-50NL connection cable, 2 SS-550 speaker stands, choice of 2 transmitters WH-6000 hanheld andor WB-6000 body pack and choice of 2 mics LM-60 lapel, HBM-TA4F headband, CM-60 collar, EM-60T Ultralite.

List Price: $ 4,075.00

Price: $ 4,075.00

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