A New Church Reformation

A New Church Reformation

The church is in bad need of a new reformation- some spiritual integrity! The reform of Luther and others in the sixteenth century have long since broken down are are no longer working. You can see it in the church attendance numbers. They are going down, down, down. I America headed to such low Sunday attendance numbers as Europe, and especially England? Will we see the empty mega church buildings like we see the empty cathedrals across the pond?

You can also see the changes in methods and manners though these changes are external and not yet at the heart of what needs to occur. Churches are meeting on Friday and Saturday instead of Sunday morning only. More and more preachers are ditching the suits and ties while taking on more reverence- not less. Praise and worship is looking for a new landing place as the “entertain me with your best” is no longer sustainable.

However, the core changes are beginning to be heard.

War and genocide can no longer be supported by the church. It’s the antithesis of Christ-like thinking. Capital punishment is destroying the image(s) of God and our inner man is awakening to such. Mega churches with their millionaire preachers, towering steeples, and luxurious digs offer a picture of hypocrisy in the midst of people begging for food and shelter on the street corners next door.

Luther’s reformation shed some of the law but the church has added many more since then and become even more hardened in others. If people do not do things by and from their HEART it is simply wood, hay, and stubble. Hammering people every Sunday to obey the LAW of TITHING is no substitute for people GIVING from their heart because when they do 10% pales in comparison to the flood of offerings.

How long can the Catholic church continue in the hypocrisy of priests engaging in sexual perversion with the church paying tens of millions of dollars to the victims before the people realize that they are bigger victims in so many other ways?

How long can the mainline Protestant church keep up its rituals of high back chairs, million dollar organs, and eloquent robes with dwindling attendees being hammered for more and more sacrifices?

How long can the non-denominational churches continue to pump up the emotional juices with the best rock musicians money can buy and the most dynamic stage productions and illustrations instead of preaching the WORD of God? How long can the prosperity message be preached before that house of cards comes tumbling down? How long will we keep taking God name in vain (which means speaking lightly of Him and not by just speaking a four-letter word)? He’s much bigger than we’ve imagined (imaged Him).

And how long can any religion continue to preach conditional love, an eternal hell, dualism, and separation from our Maker and Source? The philosopher has said that evil prevails only because good men do nothing. As I see it, more and more good men and women are starting to beat on the church doors as Luther did and the reverberrations and getting louder and more frequent. Reformation is on the way- again.

So, how long? Not nearly as long as you might think!