A list of things I should bring to Church Camp with me on Monday?

Question by : A list of things I should bring to Church Camp with me on Monday?
I am going to church camp on monday in pigeon forge about 2 hours away from my home. I am worried that I will forget something I have already made a check list but will someone help me by making a list for me so I know for sure..and yes i am a teen just real mature.

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Answer by Savannah R
I’m going to a church camp soon too! Idk exactly what kind of camp yours is, but here’s what I bring:
Bible, of course
Whatever clothing is appropriate for the weather
Sleeping bag
Pjs appropriate for the weather (I bring leggings to wear under sweatpants cuz it gets really cold at night where I go)
Bug spray
Hair ties (A LOT)
Bobby pins
Water bottle
Flip flops and tennis shoes
Swim suit
Water shoes
Razor and other shower essentials (towel!)
A bag to carry things to the bathroom in
Another towel for after swimming
iPod and headphones for the drive there and back
Makeup (tinted moisturizer and waterproof mascara)
Snacks (if you’re like me and my church girls, you’ll need chocolate) 🙂
Lots of socks
Face wash
Extra money (I bring $ 30 with me)
An open mind and heart so the Lord can work in you. God is great! 😀

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting things, but this is what I came up with! 🙂
Hope it helped, have an awesome time at camp! 😀

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