A list of church persecutions on science?

Question by Jusin: A list of church persecutions on science?
Can anyone give me a good list of early scientists whom the churches persecuted their claims? Like galileo, copernicus, columbus etc. The most people will hve 10 points
I am asking for a lists of people whos claims were persecuted, not a discussion
@jonathan: so for what purpose did pope john paul II apologize to galileo for in 1992?

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Answer by R g
The church didn’t persecute science per say . They did not like certain ideas which they viewed would contradict their doctrine. The image of the church as being anti scientific was constructed by the protestant who wanted to further demonize the church. Yes, they did not like Galileo nor Copernicus’ ideas but lets not forget that the church funded many Observatories and experiments.

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