80’s Commercials Vol. 140

These commercials aired on KMPH in October of 1985 1. “The Pound Puppies” Commercial Bumper 2. GoBots Power Warrior (I like the random guy on the bench behind them) 3. Cabbage Patch Kids Twins 4. Wuzzles (Why does it look like this was made in the early 70’s?) 5. Pillsbury Best Cookies (The texture of that cookie dough just looks…wrong) 6. “The Pound Puppies” Commercial Bumpers 7. Bartles & Jaymes Wine Cooler 8. Toyota 1986 4×4 Turbo 9. The American Dream Contest 10. Promo for “Barnaby Jones” (I’ve never seen this show, but the clips here are odd and incredibly random. What kind of protagonist just goes around throwing grenades at people?) 11. Promo for “Star Search ’86” (I’ll never forgive them for not picking Joey Gladstone. He was robbed!) 12. “The Pound Puppies” Commercial Bumpers 13. Cabbage Patch Kids Show Pony (Wow, they even managed to make ponies look like creepy little monsters) 14. Muppet Babies (I kind of want the Rowlf one LOL) 15. McDonald’s (This commercial makes me think that I might have taken a little too much Orange Sunshine) 16. Sweet Secrets (It must be awesome to play with a toy that has your hair tangled up in it) 17. “The Pound Puppies” Commercial Bumpers 18. Promo for KMPH Bulldog Football (The music here was also used in two ads I posted for “Micro Age”) 19. Tharp Foothill Motors 20. Promo for “Taxi” (One of my favorite shows of all time) 21. Promo for “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” 22. West Visalia Church Of Christ (Going to Church around
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