7 Gates to Seynimin – An MMS Story of the Genesis II Church

Paypal donations accepted at: genesis2mission@gmail.com Donation campaign: www.indiegogo.com Moringa oleifera: mmsnews.org genesis2church.org – This is a Genesis II Church Mission Outreach video (using MMS – Master Mineral Solution, and CDS – Chlorine Dioxide Solution,) done among the Indigenous people of Colombia. It is a good example of how to set up an MMS clinic. A big thanks to Jim Humble for his discovery of MMS (Master Mineral Solution) and his years of sacrifice developing the protocols used in this documentary, and Andreas Kalcker for his development of MMS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution.) We also want to thank Bishop Jose Lius Rosado, Cheyka Torres Zalabata, and her father Antonio for their help and desire to “Do Good Deeds”, one of the five beliefs of the non-religious Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. MMS newsletter: mmsnews.org MMS video testimonials youtube.com MMS written testimonials: • genesis2church.org • jimhumble.biz • curezone.com • genesis2forum.org • www.natmedtalk.com • www.healthsalon.org • www.google.co.uk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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