25h First Church of Christ Scientist (E)

25h First Church of Christ Scientist (E)
Church Christ
Image by Kansas Sebastian
First Church of Christ Scientist 1910
2444 Second Ave, Los Angeles, CA (Banker’s Hill)
Irving J Gill

I may not always be able to recognize "good" architecture, but I know what I like. And, I nearly wept when I saw the First Church of Christ Scientists. This is a well-designed church, with all of Gill’s usual hallmarks. The asemetrical modernest design is enhanced by graceful, stylized Spanish Colonial arches. The stucco is stripped to it’s barest essential, allowing the clean lines and simplicity of architecture to shine through. The Art Nuveau detail around the gallery windows is an unusual design element for Gill, but one that enhances the overall composition. A large Tiffany-styled stained glass dome adornes the auditorium, and gives it a feel of an enchanting enclosed courtyard. The near-perfect design off this building explains why Gill is one of my favorite architects.

Wikipedia: Irvin J Gill: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irving_Gill

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