1-11 Church of Christ -VS- Christianity – Debate on Baptism

TO PLAY ALL ELEVEN TAP LINK BELOW www.youtube.com John Ankerbergs site ankerberg.com TO PLAY Dr. Robert Morey’s Lecture on The Doctrinal Errors of the Church of Christ Concerning Baptism and its Relationship to Salvation. TAP ON BELOW LINK www.youtube.com TAP ON LINK BELOW FOR ARTICLES ON BAPTISM www.spiritualabuse.org www.gospeloutreach.net ——————————————– COMMON SENSE QUESTIONS A “CHURCH OF CHRIST” PREACHER CANNOT CLEARLY ANSWER TAP Link Below For this Link on statement above www.biblebelievers.com ——————————————- Is Baptism Essential For Salvation ? Representatives of Classic Christianity Debate with Dr. James Bjornstad & Rev. David Kingdon affirm that: Remission of sins is obtained by Faith Alone before and apart from Baptism. Church of Christ Representatives : A Penitent believer must be baptized in order to receive remission of his sins.

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