03a St Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church – 621 W Adams Blvd (E)

03a St Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church – 621 W Adams Blvd (E)
Roman Church
Image by Kansas Sebastian
National Register Historic District Approved.
Los Angeles Historic Cultural Munument No. 90, July 11, 1971

St Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church, 1925
621 W Adams Blvd
Albert C Martin, Sr

The story goes that Edward L Doheny was Episcopalian and his wife Estelle Doheny was Roman Catholic. Mrs. Doheny sponsored the building of St Vincent de Paul’s Cathedral on the Norhwest corner of Adams and Figueroa across from her husband’s church. About this time Mr. Doheny’s congregation (numbering about 2,000) had outgrown the old 1894 building. So, not be outdone by his wife, Mr. Doheny sponsored the bulding of a new Episcopal cathedral on the opposite Southeast corner. Both were consecrated in 1925. Whether this romantic story is true is unknown. What is true, is that St John’s is as richly appointed inside as St Vincent’s is magnificient on the outside. Both cathedrals are built in traditional styles and complement each other beautifully.

St Vincent de Paul’s was designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, with accents in the Spanish (via Mexico) Churrigueresque. The interior is understated elegance, and the ceiling was decorated by John B Smeraldi. The fourty-five foot diameter dome is covered by brighly covered tiles. It was the second Roman Catholic church to be consecrated in Los Angeles.

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