Beautiful Pipes

Beautiful Pipes
Chairs for church

Image by Jocey K
Inside the Scots Church in Adelaide. It was raining cats and dogs out side so went in for shelter. Glad I did as it was a very interesting building. The floor is on a slope so everyone gets a good view.. never seen a church built like that before in all of my travels!

August 29, 2013 Australia.

Scots Church Adelaide was originally called “Chalmers Free Church”, named after the Rev Dr James Chalmers who established the Free Church of Scotland. It was built by a group of prominent Adelaide citizens, early immigrants to South Australia, who supported the Free Church of Scotland movement. Determined to establish a Free Church in Adelaide, this group called the Rev John Gardner from Scotland. He arrived in Adelaide in March 1850 and immediately he and the group set about purchasing the land on the corner of North Terrace and Pulteney Street, and building a church there. The foundation stone for the new church was laid on the 8th of September 1850, six months after the Rev Gardner’s arrival.

The church building was officially opened for worship on July 6th 1851. The tower was added in 1858. In 1865 the three branches of Presbyterianism established in South Australia, the Free Church, the United Presbyterian Church, and the Church of Scotland, united to form one Presbyterian Church in South Australia. They became part of the Presbyterian Church of Australia at Federation in 1901. And so Chalmers Free Church became Chalmers Presbyterian Church.
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question about christianity churches.?

Question by pomeranian1984: question about christianity churches.?
okay so someone explain this to me- i know there are people raised as baptists and christians. Then churches such as: nazarene churches, church of christ, first presbyterian church, and so on and so forth.

so, first question: baptist/christian-same thing?

second question, whats the difference between all those churches i listed. as i grew up i was raised and went from nazarene, church of christ, to presbyterian. is it all the same?

thank u for any answers, i appreciate it.

Best answer:

Answer by aingelic1
Yes they are all christian churches just different denominations.

Over the centuries, Christianity has divided into numerous denominations. Each denomination has its own distinctive beliefs or practices, but they are commonly considered branches of the same religion because they agree on such fundamentals as the Bible, the Trinity, and the teachings of the Nicene Creed.

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Wedding chair replacement?

Question by hottieplayboy15: Wedding chair replacement?
Well I have ran into a little issue with my wedding ceremony…The only place I have managed to find to rent enough chairs for my wedding is booked full (of course) well my wedding will be taking place outside in June so I would really like to have something for guests to sit on (not the ground). Any one have any creative ideas….my mother suggested bales of hay…. Future brides learn from my mistake it’s never to early to book your rentals :/

Best answer:

Answer by Paula
Keep looking. I find it hard to believe you can’t find chairs to rent for an event 4 months away. Many churches and halls have chairs… is there someone you know with a contact in a church?

Hay is better than nothing, but I would not want hay all over my dress.

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Mission Santa Barbara also known as “Queen of the Missions for its graceful beauty.”

Mission Santa Barbara also known as “Queen of the Missions for its graceful beauty.”
Church names

Image by kevincole
Mission Santa Barbara Also known as "Queen of the Missions for its graceful beauty." Was founded December 4th, 1786, and was number ten of the 21 Franciscan missions throughout California.It was established by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuen. Padre Antonio Paterna was the first of many Padre’s in charge, but the first to begin building the mission.

This view is of the front of the original mission church. Notice the paintings on either side, they are the largest in all California Missions and date back approximately 200 years. If you look on the floor in the front you will see two stone plaques on the floor, these stone plaques bear the names of the early missionaries and laymen buried in a crypt below the floor.
Taken with Canon 1D Mark III w/16-35mm f/2.8L on a Gitzo GT5531S carbon fiber tripod and RRS BH-55 ballhead. Because of the wide range in tonality I made seven images 1-stop steps and processed with Photomatix and finished in CS4 Extended.

Church & Dwight #01110 16oz Arm & Hammer

Church & Dwight #01110 16oz Arm & Hammer

  • Church and Dwight #01110 16OZ Arm and Hammer
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Arm and Hammer, 16 OZ Baking Soda, Environmentally Safe, Non Phosphates, Uses Include Acid Neutralizer, Deodorizer, Non Abrasive Cleaner and Laundry Additive.

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